CB Boiler Model CBT

vertical tubeless boiler

Vertical Tubeless Steam Boiler

The CBT boiler provides 99+ percent steam quality — low or high pressure — in a compact, easy-to-service design. This boiler effectively and reliably meets all steam process requirements.

  • Tubeless pressure vessel for reliability and longevity
  • Compact footprint with side mounted burner
  • Up to 50 HP
  • Natural gas or propane
  • 15 psig or 150 psig
  • Up to 84% efficiency and 4:1 turndown

Product Overview

The CBT tubeless boiler features thick pressure vessel plates that exceed ASME code requirements. The CBT has undergone exhaustive life cycle testing to ensure reliability and longevity.

The side-mount burner arrangement allows for a large steam space to deliver exceptional dry-quality steam, even at low pressure operation. The high-density, highly resilient insulating refractory minimizes thermal losses while helping maintain its compact footprint. Convenient hand-hole access and removable burner cover enhances the CBT’s serviceability.

The integrated burner and controls keep the CBT operating at peak efficiency. Multiple burner and control options are available to suit your application needs.

For the best operational efficiency and control, the full modulation, low-emission premix burner with 1:1 fuel-air ratio control and Falcon controller is available. The Falcon control includes built-in lead-lag functionality for systems with multiple CBT boilers.


  • Robust tubeless pressure vessel designed for reliability and longevity
  • Large steam volume for exceptional dry-quality steam – both high and low pressure operation
  • Up to 84% efficiency and 5:1 turndown
  • 15# and 150# ASME design
  • Flexible burner options:
    • Natural gas or propane
    • From simple on-off to full modulation
    • Standard burner or low-emission premix
  • Full modulation premix burner includes PID set-point control with built-in lead-lag functionality and touchscreen interface
  • Side mounted burner for ease of maintenance and serviceability
  • UL Listed for the USA and Canada
  • Control trim and gas train are ASME CSD-1 compliant


  • Smaller steam process applications
  • High make-up water steam systems
  • Unattended operator requirements


  • Process Steam
  • Sterilization
  • Humidification

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