Camus Model Dynaforce

Camus DynaForce The Dynaforce has an efficiency rating of up to 99% and features a vertical cylindrical heat exchanger which is constructed entirely of stainless steel. Dynaforce is available for Hydronic Heating or Domestic HW supply and can be fired with either natural gas or propane.

  • Inputs ranging from 300,000 btu/hr to 5 Mil btu/hr
  • Turndown ratio of up to 5:1
  • Suitable for Category 2 and Category 4 installation
  • Welded heat exchanger, 316L headers, 439 tubes and counter flow
  • Return water temperatures down to 40°F

Control Panel Highlights:

The Dynaforce is controlled by an integrated Honeywell SOLA controller. The 7” color touchscreen provides remote operation through the 4-20mA or 0-10Vdc for set point or fire rate control. Paired with the ability to control multiple pump operation along with daisy chain setup for up to 8 boilers. This user friendly control also provides you with a USB output for screenshot capture as well as password access for service personnel.


  • Single point input adjustment for control of air and gas
  • 1:1 air/gas ratio control for perfect combustion across entire modulation range
  • Extremely low NOx emissions (less than 9 ppm)
  • Flow Switch
  • Water pressure switch
  • Local/Remote switch for building management, remote modulation and set-point control
  • Extremely low noise level
  • Stainless steel mirror finish outer jacket
  • Advanced integrated Honeywell SOLA control with touch-screen interface
  • Suitable for venting with PVC, CPVC or PPE plastic vent material (app. dependent)
  • Cascade up to 8 individual appliances in daisy-chain formation
  • Direct ignition up to 2.5 million BTU/hr.
  • Proven pilot ignition for 3 to 5 million BTU/hr.
  • Low gas pressure switch
  • High Gas pressure switch (models 3000 through 5000)
  • Inlet regulator for incoming gas pressures up to 14” w.c.
  • Stainless steel burner with radial knitted fiber
  • Easy access to components for maximum serviceability
  • Maximum allowable working pressure of 160 psig
  • Maximum allowable discharge temperature of 210°F
  • Minimum gas pressure requirements of 4.5” w.c. for models 300-1000, 7” w.c. for models 1200-5000
  • Main burner test firing valve
  • For operation with natural gas or propane
  • Flame failure alarm contacts
  • 5:1 turndown ratio with a minimum 20% firing rate
  • Flue temperature monitoring

Optional Features:

  • Dual Fuel for firing with natural and propane (incl. two gas trains)
  • Pump delay up to 1hp/Pilot duty over 1hp
  • Air inlet damper and/or damper contacts
  • Low water cut off (manual or automatic reset)
  • High gas pressure switch (standard on models 3000-5000)
  • Status on/off monitoring contacts
  • Gateway protocol converter for BACnet, Metasys N2, IP or LonWorks
  • Neutralization kit for condensate water
  • Remote operation for set-point or fire-rate control utilizing 0-10VDC
  • Additional Voltages

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